Casino Etiquettes

  • Etiquette refers to the basic behavior to be followed depending upon the place we are in and the rules that have been specifically framed for that place. This holds good for all the places and casino is no exception to this. Just because it is a place for entertainment, it does not encourage people to behave as they like but put them into a strict ring of rules and regulations

  • Basic etiquettes and following the same is very important in casinos and it is mandatory for everyone to abide by them because it is only through such strict commandments that help such establishments to flourish and continue operating without any troubles.Some basic etiquette that the gamblers are expected to follow while in a casino are:

  • A casino is a place that is visited by different types of people. And the behavior and attitudes of people differ. So it is not possible for the casino to force or compel people to follow anything in specific though there are some basic rules that are enforced on the gamblers. As a rule, the gamblers are restricted from drinking or smoking while in the play area.

  • There are special spots that are allotted for such activities and the gamblers are expected to follow this strictly.The major reason for this is that when people are drunk and when they come to the play area, there are all possibilities for tiffs and quarrels. Such situations might spoil the whole atmosphere of the casino and would disturb the other gamblers too.

Any transaction has to happen right under the surveillance cameras. The dealers who man and handle the tables have to be strict in their dealings with the gamblers. Any exchange, transfer or disbursement of profits, anything for that matter should happen in full view of the camera so that they any type of troubles or misappropriation can be avoided. Since casinos are places where the transactions of money happen in huge, there comes a huge demand for high security. So there are cameras fixed at every corner of the casino. Gamblers are expected to do all types transaction in front of the cameras. When comes to table games, the dealers are the ones who have the full control and rights on the game and the gamblers have to abide by whatever the dealer says. His words are final and the gamblers cannot bribe them to support them. Another very important rule that every gambler needs to follow is the basic respect and reverence for the others in the casino. A gambler need not be a male necessarily; there are also female gamblers who have been very successful. It is not just the gamblers but there might also be table dealers who might be females and in such cases, it becomes necessary for the other male gamblers to respect them like the other male dealers. These basic respect and regards is a must for all the gamblers irrespective of the gender.

In cases of games like blackjack, it is expected that the gambler signals his victory not just verbally but signals his victory through a hand signal. Verbal confirmation might sometimes get disputed and hence it is important and essential for all the gamblers to sign their victory through a hand signal.

All the happenings get recorded in the overhead cameras and so even if there are problems, it can be solved easily.Tipping is a must in a casino though it might not come under the etiquette list in the other establishments. This is an encouragement and recognition to the services offered by him. Bartenders need to attend to all the demands and needs of the gamblers and they need to be on their foot

Full time attending to the huge population. So tipping them for the service rendered by them is a must though the amount is the decision of the gambler.These are some of the basic etiquettes that all the gamblers are required to follow while inside a casino without an exception.